There are no life manuals. What if there were?

What if everyone shared everything that they have learned from their life experiences, and all of that information is collected, sorted, and filtered into a single book? Would we be able to encapsulate the perfect life? Would we have a Life Manual?

If that Life Manual was possible, I imagine that there would be chapters on how to live the perfect life of different personalities e.g. a musician, scientist, teacher, businessman, priest, etc. Also included in that manual would be a troubleshooting section on what to do when common situations arise.

The elderly usually say that if they knew at 16 what they know at 60, their lives would have been so much different. Well, what if we can give the 16 year old the wisdom of a 60 year old? Would they heed it, and would it work?

Maybe there¬†isn’t any single manual, and maybe some experiences are so unique that they will not make the cut. But are there some life experiences that are so common in everyone lives, that sharing successful navigation of those experiences can benefit others? I believe so, and this is why I created this site.

On this site, I will share selected life experiences (Personal & Professional), thoughts, and open questions that will hopefully contribute to – “Life’s Manual”.


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